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CONTENTS Special Feature 与众不同 04 Moving Kam Pui Enterprises Online 金培企业:线上线下新动向 09 Making Quality Learning Accessible 挺进新市场:EPH2中学辅助教材 In the News 众点新闻 13 Our Work-From-Home Experience 居家办公一席谈 19 One Uniform One POPULAR 制服新貌,众心向一 22 20 Years of Creating the Future 同行廿载,智创未来 In the Know 博采众长 24 The Memories of Our Youth 租书店:辉煌一时忆青春 Popular Personality 风云众人 26 In the Grand Scheme of Things 叶佛保:小螺丝,大力量 Singapore / Malaysia Lim Lee Ngoh 林利娥 Laraine Heng 王美凤 (Singapore) Wong Seok Fone 黄淑芳 (Malaysia) popularnews 140 Pop Corner 众的声音 29 The POPULAR Heartbeat 众心齐动 My Four Years in POPULAR 我在大众的这四年 31 “The POPULAR Heartbeat” is Here to Stay! 征稿启事:“众心齐动”不停歇! 32 Learning from an Unprecedented Pandemic 疫起领悟 33 Making Our Marble Soda in Miaoli 苗栗DIY弹珠汽水 35 Why I Send Postcards to Myself 为何要给自己寄明信片? 37 The Fellowship of Friends 骑行敬友情 40 Taking Good Care of Your Lungs 养肺秘籍 42 Food Blog 食在好玩 Book Column 众里寻他 43 A Partnership of Twenty Years   携手廿载:海滨食谱作家张莉婵 46 Publishing Showcase 悦读大众     04   09    13    24  Editorial Committee 编辑委员会 Greater China / Canada Ponch Poon 潘志伟 Natalie Kwan 关永媚 (Hong Kong) Flora Feng 冯伟 (Beijing) Mandy Lai 黎婉琪 (Canada) Sammi Wu 吴家心 (Taiwan) Gina Chen 陈雅琪 (Taiwan)  POPULAR News is a publication for the management and staff of POPULAR. Its objective is to be the official communications medium for the POPULAR family. All feedback from POPULAR staff is welcome. Editorial office reserves the right to make amendments prior to publication. 《大众资讯》是专为大众职员出版的官方刊物,旨于有效地传扬大众的精神和特质。 凡与大众相关意见,请来函指教。本刊对来稿拥有删改权。   

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