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      By Laraine Heng (Singapore) 文:王美凤(新加坡)   One Uniform One POPULAR 制服新貌,众心向一  Popular Singapore’s recent change of retail uniforms highlights how small details keep POPULAR at the front of the pack. 新加坡大众零售员工革新 制服,细节考究提升专业 面貌。 What do “uniforms” mean to you? In the English language, “uniforms” refers to the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organisation or by students attending the same school. Like many other people, I wore my first uniform when I attended kindergarten. Many of us go on to wear school uniforms for many years after that, in primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, and other higher institutions of learning. Some of us even continue to wear uniforms after starting to work! Projecting a Professional Image in Comfort Uniforms instil a sense of identity and belonging in the people wearing them. This was why Popular Singapore decided to conduct a review of our retail staff ’s uniforms. The entire process was meticulous and no expense was spared in making sure that we provide only the best uniforms to our retail staff. We started by gathering feedback on the current uniforms from our retail staff. Subsequently, we sought out vendors for their quotations. Their proposals were thoroughly perused, with every detail and aspect of their design subjected to our intense scrutiny, from the fabric and colour, right down to durability of the buttons and comfort of the stitches on the wearers. Featuring a brighter shade of red accents for a sharper contrast to the black fabric, our new retail uniforms made their appearance across all our retail stores and school bookshops in Singapore on 15 November 2021. The comfort of our retail staff when wearing their new uniforms was NEX 购物中心 140 popularnews - 19 

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