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                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Mandy Lai (Canada) 文:黎婉琪(加拿大)              Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada, the Ontario government declared an emergency on 17 March 2020 and ordered the immediate closure of non-essential businesses, while banning all public events. In response, Popular Canada immediately arranged to have all our staff work from home. Our staff brought the essentials home, from reference books to IT hardware, such as laptops, external hard drives, and mice. Working from home brought about many challenges,butitalsocreatedopportunities for us to learn valuable skills like time management and computing skills. Through the teamwork of all our dedicated staff, Popular Canada was able to continue to deliver our high-quality products. The pandemic is not over yet and continues to affect our lives. Let us stay healthy and work closely together to make Popular Canada even stronger. Working from home was a unique experience for everyone. Here are some of our thoughts: 由于加拿大暴发新冠疫情,安大略省 于2020年3月17日宣布进入紧急状 态,下令所有非必要的店家即刻关闭, 并暂停一切公共活动,加拿大大众遂立 即安排全体员工开启居家办公模式。 员工们把必要的办公设备如笔记本 电脑、外置硬盘、滑鼠还有参考书籍悉 数搬回家。居家办公挑战诸多,但也提 供了学习新技能的机会,譬如时间管理 和电脑技能。在同事们的精诚合作下, 加拿大大众得以持续供应优质产品。 疫情尚未结束,也继续影响着生 活。让我们保持健康,紧密合作,使加 拿大大众更强大。居家办公对每个人而 言都是独一无二的体验,且听我们细说 一二。 (翻译:魏君)                                      Joe Mastrogiacomo, Chief Operating Officer 佐·马斯特罗贾科莫, 运营总监 I actually did not work from home much during the pandemic, perhaps only for a day or two. For the majority of the time, I was in the office alone, but David McGee, Popular Canada’s Director of Sales, joined me towards the end of the shutdown. My most memorable moment during the pandemic was in March and April of 2020. I remember driving to the office and there wasn’t a single car on the roads. It was eerie being the only person in the entire building, and the sight no one being out on the streets is one that I will never forget. It was very lonely being the only person in the office, and you can imagine how thrilled I was to have everyone back. I truly missed the feeling of being part of the team. 疫情期间,居家办公的日子对我而言屈 指可数。多数时间我都是办公室的独行 侠。封城即将结束之际,销售总监大 卫·麦吉开始与我并肩工作。记忆犹新 的是2020年3月和4月,我驾车前往办公 室,路上看不到第二辆车,整栋办公楼 里也只有我一个人,那种感觉令人毛骨 悚然,街上空无一人的场景更是让我毕 生难忘。独自在办公室的时候,孤独感 始终围绕着我。当得知大家能重返办公 室时,我尤为激动,真的很怀念和大家 一起办公的感觉。      140 popularnews - 13         

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