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 Tambahan and Sejarah that would provide a complete set of model test papers for the students to practice on. The EPH2 team even published reference books during this period, which was a new venture for EPH at that time. Written by experienced educators and enriched with digital content, the Excel SPM series of reference books were designed to equip students with study skills to help them prepare better for their examinations. The first Excel SPM titles were published in April 2021. This series is divided into two product lines, with one catering to secondary schools that teach Mathematics and Science in the national language, and the other featuring English publications for the schools that have adopted the Dual Language Programme (DLP). Meanwhile, the EPH2 editors working on languages were also hard at work as they published practice books to help students prepare for the CEFR-aligned SPM 1119 English writing paper and the latest Bahasa Melayu SPM Penulisan paper. These writing practice books offer step-by-step guidance with practice exercises that include topic- focused vocabulary, making them flexible enough for use in the classroom and at home. The EPH2 team then turned their attention to publishing topical practice books, with the 36 titles in the Praktis Intensif series adding to the already impressive line- up in their secondary school publishing programme. The first few titles in this series were published in October 2021. Covering 10 subjects from Forms 1 to 5, the Praktis Intensif series focuses more on practice exercises that fulfil the learning standards outlined in the syllabus for each level unlike the Kertas Model SPM series. While the work on the Praktis Intensif series was going on, the EPH2 team also started working on a quick revision series for PT3. First implemented in 2019, the new PT3 examination format had only been implemented for one year in 2019 before the pandemic led to the cancellation of the examination for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. The Quick Revision PT3 series was published in April 2022 and covers the four main studying subjects at the PT3 level: Sains, Sejarah, Matematik and Geografi. The Languages team also published a model essay series for SPM, titled Excellent Model Essays for SPM 1119 English and Contoh Karangan Terbaik Bahasa Melayu SPM to support the students preparing for the SPM in 2022. Building a Strong Reputation for Quality and Affordability It has been a busy 22 months since the establishment of EPH2, developing, producing, and publishing quality secondary school educational content. Not resting on their laurels, the EPH2 team will continue to take the challenge of producing exceptional content in their stride as they aim to strengthen POPULAR’s presence in the market and establish a reputation for producing quality learning materials at reasonable prices.    140 popularnews - 11 Did you know? 你知道吗? The first title published by EPH2 was Kertas Model SPM Prinsip Perakaunan. EPH2出版的第一本书是 《SPM模拟试卷:会计学》。   

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