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 The discounts kept coming and included those on children's learning materials. For instance, the three-book pack Hong Kong Traditional Chinese version of the Korean mathematics learning material, "PlayFacto Kids", went for a massive 64% off the sticker price. Even for Robin’s signature "Complete Learning Foundation for Children", which included a reading pen, 12 sets of 60 volumes, Chinese-English bilingual dictionaries, and Pinyin learning sets, was offered with massive savings of over HK$1,200. Making the deal even sweeter, both promotions also came with free cartoon-themed lucky bags. A Good Time for Parents and Children While the new books and discounts kept the adults busy, the attention of younger visitors to the booth was on the game station and the newly launched comics. The latest volume of the adventure-filled and science knowledge-laden "X series", a favourite among boys, was a hit. World Book Company also launched the new X-Venture Xplorers Dinosaur Kingdom 2 series at HKBF 2021, along with the girls’ favourite comics Zodiac Girls. Both titles drew plenty of enquiries from students at our booth. A "Little Yellow Duck Game Pool" was set up in the children's section on the third floor of the exhibition hall, promoting moral education and reading with children. Parents only needed to purchase Pan Lloyd’s LT Duck series of learning materials for young children, and their children could play, catching as many duck toys as they could for 30 seconds. The children were clearly drawn to the colourful inflatable duckling pond and clamoured to participate. Some families sent their fathers as their representatives! Though the rules kept the game challenging, there was no shortage of participants showcasing their talent and creativity in gathering the toys, with many families bringing home a complete set of four designs. For families that did not meet the minimum purchase amount, they were each given a "little yellow duck" temporary tattoo as a souvenir. Making the Meetings Special One of the highlights of the previous editions of the HKBF, holding the book signing sessions became almost impossible during the pandemic. Although Ichiban and Seashore Publishing launched many new titles in the past year, plans for the authors to meet their fans had to be postponed repeatedly. We initially thought the authors would avoid such gatherings, but they were eager to participate with the assurance provided by POPULAR’s strict safety measures. Indeed, many authors went the extra mile to surprise their fans. For example, illustrator Lobintan’s impromptu book signing sessions during the first two days of HKBF 2021 brought smiles to many fans who were not able to make it to the book launch during the weekend. Mr Kool, co- founder of Hong Kong kitchenware brand Kool and the creative mastermind behind Kitchenware and Recipes, not only shared his recipe creation experience, but also brought kitchenware along as prizes for the winners of his Hong Kong-style rhyme- matching game. Meanwhile, "Slashie" Akina Fong gave out homemade leather bookmarks to her fans at her book-signing session, while illustrator Lala gave away her own postcard creations to bring good blessings to her fans. Whilst the fans were thrilled to receive the gifts from the authors, some visitors were simply attracted by the book-signing sessions, but became fans immediately. Among these charismatic authors were comic artist Kaiki Chan, who drew caricatures for her fans on the spot, and photographer Schindler Leung, who shared stories from his hikes and photography. The author of Ghost King’s Stories, Edmond Poon, and his guest, AP, shared their supernatural experiences in a humorous  6 - 6 p - p o op p u u l l a a r rn n e e w w s s 1 1 3 3 6 6 

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