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   Food Blog 食在好玩 The Unforgettable Charcoal-Roasted Soy Milk 难忘炭香豆浆 After 66 years in the business, Shi Jie Soymilk King’s unique Charcoal-Roasted Soy Milk remains a crowd favourite. 开业66年的世界豆浆大王, 独门的炭香豆浆, 深受饕客喜爱。 The store that originated the Yonghe Soy Milk phenomenon, Shi Jie Soymilk King started business in 1955 when the Zhongzheng Bridge in New Taipei City‘s Yonghe District was being built. When the bridge was completed, their soy milk had left such an unforgettable impression on the workers that they left and opened their own stores under the name of "Yonghe Soy Milk". Shi Jie Soymilk King is the top breakfast and supper choice of many, with plenty of options like Salty Soy Milk with Eggs, Carrot Cake, Rice Balls and Steamed Dumplings, amongst others. Their unique Charcoal-Roasted Soy Milk is very popular, while their Salty Soy Milk with Eggs features fried dough sticks, dried shrimps, eggs and chopped green onions that explode with flavour when paired with the special red oil. Neither too salty nor greasy, the steamed dumplings taste amazing when eaten with shredded ginger and the exclusive soy sauce and hot bean sauce. The Charcoal-Roasted Soy Milk is, for me, the most unforgettable dish. Shi Jie Soymilk King insists on using quality ingredients to ensure their customers dine with peace of mind. The many autographs of Hong Kong celebrities on the store’s doors is a sign that their delicious soy milk is well-known at home and abroad. “世界豆浆大王”是永和豆浆原创店,于1955年台 湾新北市永和区中正桥兴建之时开业。桥梁竣工 后,工人四散回乡,但依然难忘美好滋味,于是便以“永 和豆浆”为名在各地开店,甚至把名声做得更响亮。 不论早餐或宵夜,世界豆浆大王都是许多人的首选。 咸豆浆加蛋、招牌萝卜糕、原味饭团、小笼包、冰米浆及 冰豆浆等,选项众多。扎实的独门方法,烹调出炭香豆 浆,深受青睐;咸豆浆加蛋,焦香味中绽放油条、虾米、 蛋花及葱花的美味,配上特制红油,色香味俱全。小笼 包的汤汁不咸腻,配搭姜丝与独家酱油豆瓣辣酱,令人赞 叹。 我最难忘炭香味的豆浆。店家选用获认证的面粉及 糖,严格把关,让食客吃得安心。店家门口可见不少港星 签名,可见豆浆美味享誉海内外。 By Gina Chen (Taiwan) 文:陈雅琪(台湾)   Name of Store 美味店家 Address 地址 (Translated by Shawn Pang) Shi Jie Soymilk King 世界豆浆大王 No. 282, Section 2, Yonghe Road, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 台湾新北市永和区永和路二段282号 Opens 24 hours daily 每日24小时 Operating Hours 营业时间 136 popularnews - 43 

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