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  Challenging Myself 挑战自我,积极人生 Popular Malaysia’s Helen Goh successfully challenged herself to lose weight and has since learnt to be positive about life. 马来西亚大众的吴妙莲瘦身成功, 开启积极人生新体验。 36 - popularnews 136 By Helen Goh Beow Lain (Malaysia) 文:吴妙莲(马来西亚) Ihad always thought of slimming down since noticing that my face and body had become rounder. When I had to hold my breath just to get into my skirts and jeans, I knew I had to do something. It was then when I received an email invite from Popular Malaysia’s Human Resources Department to participate in a three-month “ACTIV@WORK Challenge 2021” competition. Organised by SOCSO, a government agency under the Ministry of Human Resources, the initiative encourages employees working from home to stay active and walk 10,000 steps a day. Dusting Off My Sports Shoes I woke up early the next morning and put on the sport shoes that I had left neglected for a long while. I started walking around in community park, and I realised how lucky I was to have two large gardens within my residential area. Huge trees, along with smaller shrubs, lined the tarred walkways around the park. The many facilities for one to stay active here include the various exercise equipment. Besides the two pavilions where the residents can play table tennis, there are two badminton courts and a basketball court. There is also a playground where the children can play with the swings and see-saws. The gardens are usually full of children’s laughter and balls bouncing at the basketball court, but that day, the park was quiet and serene. The air felt so fresh too! Even the birds seemed to be enjoying the cool morning breeze, flying around the park gracefully and chirping cheerfully. It started to get warm as the sun continued its climb up the sky, but I pushed myself to continue walking to reach my target of 15 rounds around the park. A Strategy of Positivity I have been walking regularly for months now. Not only has the number on my weighing scale dropped, but the experience  

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