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  By Thoo Teck Chuan (Malaysia) 文:邱德泉(马来西亚)  One Popular Malaysia staff took his passion for endurance running to new heights to stay active, collecting points for POPULAR! 马来西亚大众同仁在疫情期间投入更多精力进行长跑,保持活跃,为“众”积分! In the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 pandemic that threw the whole world off its feet since early 2020 has been around for nearly two years. Due to the many social gathering restrictions imposed during this challenging period, we seem to have more personal time outside of work. I decided to devote my newfound free time to my interest in endurance running, or simply known as long-distance running by many. My passion for endurance running began 34 - popularnews 136 in 2017 when I heard a radio advertisement for the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. As someone who rarely participated in any outdoor activities, I decided to sign up for the 10-kilometre race on the spot. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with endurance running, and have since participated in many runs every year. Being able to progress from my first 10-kilometre race to my first full marathon at the end of 2019 has given me a strong sense of personal accomplishment! Through endurance running, I learnt to understand the limits of my body and improve my willpower. Running not only improves my health, it also allows me to meet many new friends who share the same passion. In addition, endurance running has nurtured my love of other outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. Before the pandemic, I would arrange to go mountain-climbing with my colleagues during our free time as a means of relaxation. Going the Distance During the Pandemic 疫中长跑 坚毅前行 

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