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  Ihave worked at POPULAR for three and a half years, which is not a long time, but considerable, nonetheless. It was not easy finding a job that I love and that fits my qualifications. POPULAR left a deep impression on me at a young age. Whether it was buying reference books, stationery, or various kinds of books, POPULAR’s flagship store would always be my first choice. Through a providential introduction, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to pursue my ideals at POPULAR. At a young age, my parents inculcated in me the principle of putting people first through their words and deeds. I have always upheld these values. When I was employed by POPULAR, at the briefing for newcomers, I found that the company’s philosophy coincided with my own values, which made me even more determined to be of service here. “To serve our people, to grow with our society and to mutually benefit from the world” is POPULAR’s vision, which is aligned with my people-oriented values, both aimed at contributing to the development of individuals. The Chinese name of POPULAR is “大众”. The word “众” (the masses) is comprised of three “人” (people) characters, symbolising the company’s main value of unity. POPULAR has always made me appreciate this, gathering the power of everyone to overcome challenges together. I remember how I was unfamiliar with work processes and constantly made mistakes when I first joined POPULAR, causing delays in book publication. Thankfully, my bosses and colleagues guided and helped me patiently during that time, allowing me to smoothly overcome the challenges faced by a newcomer. With everyone’s help, I was able to develop greater confidence in my job. Heart-warming Team Spirit Of the many examples of team spirit in POPULAR, the 2020 Annual Dinner was especially unforgettable. It coincided with POPULAR’s 95th anniversary, and hence, many exciting contests were held in conjunction with celebrations. In these events, I saw POPULAR brimming with team spirit, especially in my first experience By Lee Shu Qin (Malaysia) 文: 李淑勤(马来西亚)   Putting People First 以 为本,方能远行   136 popularnews - 31 

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