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The 2020 Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF) was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the situation under control now, this annual highlight of the publishing industry returned to Wan Chai’s Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in July 2021. Themed "Inspirational and Motivational Reading", HKBF 2021 also sported the tagline of “Reading the World • Inspiring the Mind and Refreshing the Soul”, encouraging readers to seek out motivational books that inspire a more positive lifestyle. Pan Lloyds – which is made up of Pan Lloyds Publishers, JumpStart Publishers and PopLearn – had been busy preparing for many months for the return of HKBF. Adopting an orange-coloured theme that showcased the various imprints’ colours in a bright and dazzling display, Pan Lloyds’ booth also sported the theme of “The Trustworthy Choice of the Education Sector” to highlight Pan Lloyds’ recognition by their peers. The Most Popular Choice According to 2021 book lists for supplementary learning titles and sales data in schools, 98% of Hong Kong primary schools use Pan Lloyds’ publications. The increasing share of Pan Lloyds’ supplementary learning materials in primary schools reflects recognition from the education sector of our publications. Hence, Pan Lloyds’ theme for HKBF 2021 was chosen to announce our market- leading position to the parents. To cope with the pandemic, the HKBF organiser implemented various crowd control measures and limited the visitor numbers from 1 million in 2019 to just 830,000 in 2021. Notwithstanding the restrictions, Pan Lloyds' booth on the third floor of the exhibition hall was constantly packed with visitors. Many parents shared that they used to visit Pan Lloyds’ booth every year to buy supplementary learning materials and had made a trip to do so with the return of HKBF in 2021. Some parents also revealed that as their children’s schools have always been using Pan Lloyds and JumpStart publications, they had come to purchase more for their children. The parents’ responses reflected their trust in Pan Lloyds’ publications. The "Home Learning Series" Bestsellers Pan Lloyds offers a diverse range of market- leading products that meet the different learning needs of our customers. Take Pan Lloyds’ headlining publications in this year's HKBF for example. The “Home Learning Series” includes Pan Lloyds' "Elite Class 2.0", JumpStart's "Power Pack" and PopLearn's "Leading Series", all packed with detailed explanations and handbooks for parents to help their children learn at home. Pan Lloyds Publishers and JumpStart Publishers regularly update their publications to keep up with the latest curriculum and examination format. At HKBF 2021, supplementary learning materials matching the new Mathematics curriculum and the latest version of Exercises and Test Papers for Secondary School Entry Examinations all made an appearance. Also launched at the HKBF 2021 was PopLearn’s English edition of General Knowledge – Exercises and Test Papers, catering to the needs of students studying in English. A Safe Shopping Experience Besides launching a series of supplementary learning materials, Pan Lloyds also worked hard to ensure that the visitors to our booth enjoyed a safe shopping experience. A series of safety measures were implemented, including the increased availability of hand sanitiser around our booth, transparent partitions installed at the payment area, and the thorough disinfecting of the booth every day. Additionally, all staff had to return a negative result for their COVID-19 tests or completed their vaccinations, and had to wear face masks at all times so that our visitors could shop with peace of mind. Around the Pan Lloyds’ booth, several staff dressed in eye-catching orange aprons were seen interacting with the visitors. These “concierges” were staff from Pan Lloyds’ sales team who were roving to assist parents in selecting the appropriate Pan Lloyds publications for their children. Best Offers Online and Offline Parents who preferred to shop online during the pandemic were not left out during HKBF 2021. In fact, parents who shopped on the Pan Lloyds • JumpStart PP Parents Club website at home were offered the same attractive discounts. Just like the physical shopping experience at HKBF 2021, parents shopping online also enjoyed the personable service of “online concierges” and were the first to use the new online supplementary learning materials ordering service. They only needed to select their children’s school By Pan Lloyds Marketing Department (Hong Kong) 文:乐思市场部(香港) 135 popularnews - 5    

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