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   Seeing the Truth Through the Mists 云雾见真淳 Good things come in threes, as three notable Singaporean women writers launched their books together. 新加坡三位知名女作家,齐约出书,好事成三。 42 - popularnews 135 The global pandemic has seen an unfortunate resurgence, like a sudden change of weather. However, one weekend afternoon in May 2021, there was a ray of sunshine. For the first time in a long while, I made my way to the National Library Building in Singapore for a book launch event featuring the three talented local women writers of Teoh Hee La, Low Pooi Fong, and Soon Ailing. The three friends met before they had become famous and have gone from sharing literary interests to being good friends of many years. The idea for publishing books together came on a whim when the three of them were chatting. Possessing deep cultural learnings and having known each other for decades, the three of them share many memories in life and literature. Embarking on a literary journey together and creating new shared memories, they each completed a book, publishing promptly despite pandemic conditions. The book launch was like a warm tea party among three friends with a natural flow as they spoke about each other’s books. They spoke freely and comfortably, leading the audience through the ups and downs of their life and writing, filled with known or unknown stories of the literacy circle. Teoh Hee La’s Records of Mine Teoh Hee La is a well-known Singaporean writer and multiple literature award winner. She is a senior executive correspondent of the fukan at Lianhe Zaobao, where she is also a columnist. It was Teoh who initiated the idea of them each producing a book at the same time. Teoh’s column draws from a wide range of topics. Articles are distinctive in concept and detailed in content, with the breath of life permeating her writing. With deep introspection in humanities and refined writing, Teoh’s work prompts reminiscence and reflection. Her new book Records of Mine collects 43 of her columns, newly edited and arranged, and even including partial rewrites. The word 纪 in the original Chinese title of the book also refers to record and memory. Each of the chapter titles also thoughtfully feature the same word. Teoh believes that memory is unreliable. Through writing, we may be By Ruth Cao 文:曹蓉 

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