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 Cocktail Bun 鸡尾包 In the past, bakeries would grind their leftover bread up and add sugar, turning this into cocktail buns. The concept is similar to mixing a cocktail with various drinks, hence its name. Since then, the cocktail bun has evolved to include various fillings, including one that sports a mixture of coconut, butter and sugar. 以前有面包店主因为不想浪费卖剩的面 包,于是就把这些面包搓碎再混入糖, 做成鸡尾包的馅料。这个概念即如调 制鸡尾酒般左配右搭,因而得名“鸡 尾包”。鸡尾包随着时代渐渐改变, 现在亦有以椰丝、牛油、糖混成馅料的 口味。 Pineapple Bun 菠萝包 Bread may taste bland without any filling. Therefore, some bakers decided to sprinkle coarse sugar on top of the dough to produce an irresistible fragrance and texture after baking. Lard, flour and eggs are added to the sugar to make bread’s surface crispy. The pineapple bun is so named because its surface is uneven like a pineapple. 面包若没馅料,吃起来太单调。因此, 有面包师傅想到在包面加上砂糖再烤 至金黄香脆,之后再继而研发成在砂 糖中混入猪油、面粉和鸡蛋,制成面 包脆皮。由于烤好的脆皮表面凹凸不 平,像菠萝(即黄梨)的外皮,故称作 “菠萝包”。  Coconut Cream Bun Make a cut along the length of a freshly baked bread, spread some butter, coconut, and fresh cream made from butter and sugar. The fresh cream has a soft texture and is easy to shape without requiring refrigeration. Though high in calories, the coconut cream bun is simply irresistible in look and taste, and is very extremely popular. 椰丝奶油包 在烤好的长形面包上划一刀,并于表面 涂上牛油,沾上椰丝,最后在切口放上 以牛油、糖粉混合成的鲜奶油,香甜 的椰丝奶油包就完成了。鲜奶油质感油 软,容易打造各式造型,且无需冷冻。 椰丝奶油包外形好看,风味美味,即使 热量高也深受食客的捧场。 Char Siu Bun 叉烧餐包 A fusion of Chinese barbecued pork buns and Western baking, this Hong Kong-style bread is instantly recognised for its unique flat shape. Sporting a surface that is shiny because of the layer of syrup brushed on before baking, the Char Siu Bun is well- loved for its sweet and savoury flavour. 叉烧餐包是中式叉烧包与西式烘焙的结 合品。一般港式面包都有既定外形,让 人一看就认出“包款”,知道里头的馅 料。叉烧餐包的外形小小扁扁,面层因 涂上甜甜的糖浆,而明亮光泽,搭上叉 烧馅料,甜咸风味广受喜爱。  Wheat Bun 麦包 Sporting a wheat-coloured appearance, the Wheat Bun is often mistaken for a multi- grain bread. In fact, Wheat Bun is made from white flour, and its colour is the result of adding caramel, brown sugar or food colouring. Wheat buns with a caramel or brown sugar flavour have a unique taste, but are neither too sweet nor greasy. 这个名字配上小麦色的外形,总让人以 为是含高纤谷物的面包,常常引来误 会。其实,麦包只是在材料中加入焦 糖、黑糖或食用色素去调校颜色,使用 的依然是白面粉。带焦糖或黑糖味的麦 包,口味独特,且不甜腻。 40 - popularnews 135     

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