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   38 - popularnews 135 Every Bread is a Story 一个面包,一个故事 Well known as a food paradise, there are plenty of stories behind Hong Kong’s exciting variety of bread. 香港是美食天堂,面包种类也同样精彩, 香港大众同仁分享特色面包与其故事。 Breakfast was always a simple affair of bread and a glass of milk before I rushed off to school. A pineapple bun cost less than HK$3 back then, but one made in a chain bakery’s central kitchen can cost more than HK$10 now. However, the modern version is "lighter" on the filling, to the extent that having one is just not enough. The Baker’s Skills Finding a traditional Hong Kong-style bread with ample filling is hard nowadays. The baker usually starts work around 3am to make the bread dough. After one batch of dough is left to rise, the baker will immediately start working on the next batch. When the previous batch has risen, the baker begins to shape it into buns for baking in the oven. Many smaller bakeries will typically employ just one baker, who handles the whole breadmaking process alone. Being a baker is hard work and the pay is typically low. Hence, turnover is high. A baker’s skills can be seen and tasted in the end product. That is why when the bread of a small bakery tastes better than the chain bakeries, it will go viral on social By Lotus Chan (Hong Kong) 文:陈洛敏(香港) 

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