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  Tetris in the Pandemic Tetris in the Pandemic  疫起巧思:手作纸板游戏机 疫起巧思:手作纸板游戏机 Staying at home due to the pandemic, a Popular Taiwan staff found joy in creating a Tetris game with the children. 台湾大众同仁在防疫居家期间,携同家中幼童自制俄罗斯方块游戏机, 宅家共乐。 W ith the pandemic raging on, Taiwan entered into a Level 3 alert in mid-May 2021. Schools switched to home-based classes, and most people had to work from home to reduce contact between people and curb the spread of the disease. However, staying at home for long stretches can be boring and depressing. Every single day, people use computers for work or for class. When they get bored, watching the TV, catching up with drama series on their phones, and playing games have become their first choice of entertainment. Although we were at home for long stretches, we spent more time staring at screens. Hence, how to enrich such a lifestyle became the most important question of my time at home. While my nieces are young and do not understand the frightening reality of the pandemic, they certainly understand the worries of the grown-ups, and have not asked to go out to play during this period. The adults understand their cries of boredom and mischievous antics, and feel sorry that they have to be cooped up at home. After all, it is the first time that they have had to stay at home for so long. However, to keep them from overindulging in computers and mobile phones, and from stirring up trouble at home, we spent a lot of time interacting with them. Among their favourite activities was playing Tetris. By Grace Kao (Taiwan) 文:高家玮(台湾)  Ingenuity at Home: Ingenuity at Home:  135 popularnews - 33 

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