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    How we dress at the workplace not only gives others a positive first impression, it also forms an important part of our professional image. It combines with the other aspects of your appearance to shape their impression of you. Surveys have found that our dressing usually plays a key role in how others evaluate our work abilities and personality. Furthermore, dressing appropriately also represents the professional image of one’s company. Therefore, many well-known companies have strict requirements on the appearance of their employees at work. Choosing a suitable style, colour and fit is crucial in presenting a professional look. In formal business occasions, black, dark blue or dark grey suits are the most common for men. For women, trousers or skirt suits can be matched to suit the occasion. For more casual business settings, mixing and matching less formal clothing made from different materials in lighter or brighter colours can help bring about a more relaxed ambience. Do Not Ignore Personal Grooming Besides dressing, your hairstyle will also affect the impression that others will have of you. Regardless of length, a clean and tidy hairstyle is the basic requirements, as a dishevelled or overly avant-garde hairstyle will negatively affect the professional image that you are trying to project. Trim your hair regularly, and if you need to dye your hair, avoid bright colours. For men, remember to shave regularly to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. For women, putting on some makeup is important workplace etiquette. However, most companies will discourage their female employees from donning heavy makeup at work. A professional looking makeup can include a suitable foundation, natural looking eye shadow and blushes, and a matching lipstick colour to brighten up your complexion. In addition, choose a light scent if you are planning to use perfume or cologne, as strong perfumes may make people around you feel uncomfortable. In general, workplace dressing should be kept tidy at all times to create a professional image. Proper dressing at the workplace may end up playing a key role in the success of your career! (Translated by Shawn Pang) By Elfin Cheung (Hong Kong) 文:张惠乔(香港) Dressing Your Best for Work 职场穿搭学问多 Dressing appropriately for the workplace not only creates a good impression, it also enhances your professional image. 职场穿着得体不仅能为自己树立良好形象, 也能提升自身岗位的专业魅力。  135 popularnews - 31 

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