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EDITOR’S NOTE Dear POPULAR family members, The COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the Hong Kong Book Fair in 2020, but the publishing industry’s signature event made a triumphant return in July 2021. The limelight fell on Pan Lloyds as their booth was packed with eager parents looking for quality supplementary learning materials for their children. Read all about Pan Lloyds’ exciting new offerings in the first instalment of our two- part coverage of POPULAR’s participation in the Hong Kong Book Fair 2021 (p.4). Stay tuned for the second instalment in the next issue of Popular News! This issue’s second Special Feature (p.7) turns the spotlight to the Jurong East area of Singapore, where POPULAR pioneered a comprehensive shopping concept years ahead of the competition in the early 1990s. Let us find out how POPULAR has stayed committed to serving the Jurong East community as the area embarks on its latest evolution to become a regional residential and commercial centre of choice. We then join Popular Canada to celebrate the sustained success of their Complete Canadian Curriculum series as they continue to expand POPULAR’s best-selling workbooks in Canada (p.12). We return to Malaysia in time to celebrate International Women’s Day with Popular Malaysia as they brought a little delight and surprise to their female staff with heart-warming tokens (p.15). We head over to Singapore to learn how a sudden store closure in Westgate Mall was turned into an opportunity for the outlet’s staff to learn more about their store, their work, and one another (p.16). People have always been our key asset. Let us celebrate the achievements and contributions of every member of the POPULAR family. In this issue of Popular News, we learn more about Popular Hong Kong’s resident culinary expert Ivy Leung (p.23), the experiences of two Popular Malaysia staff in “The POPULAR Heartbeat” (from p.25), and how Popular Singapore’s Jonathan Tan turned his dream bike into reality (p.35). The Editorial Team 编辑室 One family, one vision. 大众一家,众人一心 The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is ‘people’. — Kamil Toume, writer and thought leader “企业真正的竞争优势,仅为一个字 ——‘人’。” — 卡米尔·拓梅,作家、思想领袖 亲爱的大众家庭成员们: 2020年因冠病疫情而被迫取消的香港书展,在今年的7月份 重磅回归。不少积极为学童寻觅高质量教材的家长们,都蜂 拥至备受瞩目的乐思摊位。在大众参与香港书展特辑的上半 部,与我们一同看看乐思带来了什么新促销(页4)。特辑 下半部将于下一期的《大众资讯》与大家见面! 接下来,我们把本期第二个“与众不同”的焦点放在新 加坡的裕廊东(页7),一探大众如何在1990年代初昂首阔 步,于裕廊东开创综合购物理念。我们也能一起见证大众在 裕廊东蓬勃发展成区域住宅与商业中心之时,依旧尽心服务 当地居民的决心。 我们也紧随加拿大大众的脚步,一同欢庆他们的《加 拿大课程大全》系列,成为全加拿大最畅销的作业本的成就 (页12)。之后我们到马来西亚,看看在妇女节当天,马来 西亚大众为女性同仁准备了哪些温馨小惊喜(页15)。然后 我们再到新加坡,一探因冠病而突然必须暂停营业的西城购 物中心门市,如何化挑战为契机,加深同仁对门市认识之 余,也增进对彼此的了解(页16)。 “人”一向来是我们的关键资产,让我们一同庆贺大 众大家族每名成员的成就与贡献。在这期的《大众资讯》 里,我们将更了解香港大众的厨艺达人梁燕萍(页23)、 在“众的声音”里分享工作经历的马来西亚大众两名 同仁(页25起),以及新加坡大众的陈汉宗如何实现单车梦 (页35)。  Head office: POPULAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360. Homepage:  

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