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  By Abdul Ghaffar Bin Abdul Halik (Malaysia) 文:阿都·加法尔·宾·阿都·哈力克(马来西亚)   Journey Through the Beginning of POPULAR KTW 美丽起点:大众KTW门市 Kembara Menyusuri Permulaan POPULAR KTW After being employed on a contract basis for three years, I decided to find a permanent job. My job search came to a fruitful conclusion when I was called up for an interview with Popular Malaysia. I joined POPULAR just as the new outlet in Sabah’s Tawau – known as “POPULAR KTW” – was being set up. Hence, I was posted to a nearby outlet to start my training. POPULAR KTW is unique as it was designed as a “standalone” concept. Our team of six met for the first time when I was posted back upon completion of my training, as we worked together to prepare for the store opening. The entire process became easier and more organised as the days went by. Our team also began growing as more staff joined, helping to make our preparation work more fun and efficient. News regarding a POPULAR outlet in this small town had already began spreading on social media then. It was an exciting time for everyone in Tawau. POPULAR KTW opened for business on 24 March 2017 and welcomed the Tawau people to the store to experience the convenience of “one-stop shopping”. As the staff of POPULAR KTW continue doing our best to serve our customers in Tawau, we also hope to contribute to improving the local economy. POPULAR KTW is the best place for all the local booklovers to gather and share the joy of reading. 135 popularnews - 25 

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