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   “This is Ivy. How can I help you?” 难忘那声“您好” The retirement of Popular Hong Kong’s long-serving receptionist leaves her colleagues brimming with positive energy and wonderful memories. 在香港大众担任25年接待员的Ivy, 退休后留给同仁满满的正能量与美好回忆。 “ T hank you for calling POPULAR. My name is Ivy. How can I help you?” All phone calls to Popular Hong Kong would typically be greeted by this voice. Ivy Leung had been Popular Hong Kong’s receptionist for the past 25 years. Her dedication to her work and years of experience allowed her to respond to external enquiries or questions from her colleagues with ease. The work of a receptionist may seem simple, but is, in fact, exacting and crucial. The receptionist is typically the first person to greet visitors, customers, and job applicants. Ivy’s attitude thus determined the first impression that visitors and clients had of POPULAR. Additionally, efficiently answering calls and accurately conveying information over the phone was a true test of her meticulousness and patience. Keeping Pace with the Times Apart from answering phone calls and receiving visitors, Ivy took on other administrative duties too. For instance, she ensured that colleagues had access to essentials such as drinking water and stationery, and assisted with postal errands. These trivial tasks added to her heavy workload. The reception desk was able to operate smoothly all the while thanks to Ivy’s dedicated efforts. Ivy had remained in the same post for 25 years, but with the expansion of the company and transfer of personnel, Ivy had also grown. Popular Hong Kong’s expanding portfolio, which included well- known brands like Pan Lloyds Group, POPULAR e-Learning and EduSmart, the doubling of the number of departments and personnel meant new challenges for Ivy. For example, the procedure for booking the conference room changed from filling in an appointment book to an online system, where reservation can be made or modify via email. Alongside her colleagues, Ivy managed all reservation requests and related arrangements, keeping pace with the times and mastering new technologies. A Passion for Living Ivy was a full-time housewife returning to the workforce when she joined POPULAR. Making the change must be difficult for Ivy, but she fully demonstrated the live and learn spirit to take on new challenges and treat everything in her new job as an experience. Through it all, Ivy maintained a great passion for living to learn singing, dancing and cooking along the way. Ivy would whip up delicacies for everyone during company events, and all those who have tasted her cooking still rave about it each time it is mentioned! By Popular Hong Kong's Human Resources and Administration Department (Hong Kong) 文:香港大众人力资源及行政部(香港) 1 3 13 3 5 5 p po o p pu u l la ar rn n e ew w s- -2 s 2 3 

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