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CONTENTS 04 popularnews 135      07 16 23 Special Feature 与众不同 04 Shining in the Returning Hong Kong Book Fair 香港书展重启 乐思锋芒再现 07 Growing Up With Jurong East 伴您同行 In the News 众点新闻 12 Complete Canadian Curriculum – Our Everlasting Products 长青产品:《加拿大课程大全》 15 A Day of Appreciation 感恩的一天 16 Turning Challenges into Opportunities 化挑战为机遇 In the Know 博采众长 19 A “GEMPAK” Journey 勇拓新局:角川平方集团 Popular Personality 风云众人 23 “This is Ivy. How can I help you?” 难忘那声“您好” Pop Corner 众的声音 25 The POPULAR Heartbeat 众心齐动 Journey Through the Beginning of POPULAR KTW 美丽起点:大众KTW门市 Kembara Menyusuri Permulaan POPULAR KTW 27 The POPULAR Heartbeat 众心齐动 Sweet Memories with POPULAR 温馨回忆在大众 Kenangan Manis Bersama POPULAR 30 “The POPULAR Heartbeat” is Here to Stay! 征稿启事:“众心齐动”不停歇! 31 Dressing Your Best for Work 职场穿搭学问多 33 Ingenuity at Home: Tetris in the Pandemic 疫起巧思:手作纸板游戏机 35 A Nostalgic Dream on Wheels 追逐单车梦 38 Every Bread is a Story 一个面包,一个故事 41 Food Blog 食在好玩 Book Column 众里寻他 42 Seeing the Truth Through the Mists 云雾见真淳 46 Publishing Showcase 悦读大众     Editorial Committee 编辑委员会 Singapore / Malaysia Lim Lee Ngoh 林利娥 Laraine Heng 王美凤 (Singapore) Wong Seok Fone 黄淑芳 (Malaysia) Greater China / Canada Ponch Poon 潘志伟 Natalie Kwan 关永媚 (Hong Kong) Flora Feng 冯伟 (Beijing) Mandy Lai 黎婉琪 (Canada) Sammi Wu 吴家心 (Taiwan) Gina Chen 陈雅琪 (Taiwan)  POPULAR News is a publication for the management and staff of POPULAR. Its objective is to be the official communications medium for the POPULAR family. All feedback from POPULAR staff is welcome. Editorial office reserves the right to make amendments prior to publication. 《大众资讯》是专为大众职员出版的官方刊物,旨于有效地传扬大众的精神和特质。 凡与大众相关意见,请来函指教。本刊对来稿拥有删改权。  

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