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   The safe distancing means that only a maximum of four customers are permitted in the bookshop at any given time 安全距离措施意味着任何时候最多四名顾客可以进入书局 that there was full compliance with the COVID-19 advisory guidelines issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) that included measures such as daily temperature taking, contact tracing and social distancing. In spite of being a small bookshop, the ITE- POPULAR Bookshop has seen significant footfall due in part to the high patronage to the ITE College Central Retail Hub. However, the safe distancing measures mandated by the authorities mean that only a maximum of four customers are permitted in the bookshop at any given time. Still, the staff of the ITE-POPULAR Bookshop have continued to deliver the same friendly and professional service while ensuring the safety and well- being of our staff and customers. With its unique customer mix of the campus community and the public, the ITE-POPULAR Bookshop has been keeping in pace with the immediate needs of the heartland community around the area. In response to the increasing number of dengue fever cases in the surrounding communities, the ITE-POPULAR Bookshop has been stocking up on insect repellent sprays, on top of the hand sanitisers and face masks. All these essential merchandise are placed near the cashier counter for the ease of purchase for their customers. The Spirit of Constant Improvement Despite having to deal with various setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff of the ITE-POPULAR Bookshop still maintains high spirits, constantly learning and improving on serving their customers and local community even better. Displaying exceptional adaptability to the fast-changing market preferences, the ITE- POPULAR Bookshop is a unique facet of POPULAR that has successfully intersected the tertiary education and the heartland communities to deliver excellent product offerings through exceptional service for the two distinct markets. On the corporate front, POPULAR will continue to evolve and adapt our businesses to the changing times to continue contributing to the society. POPULAR will also maintain our unwavering dedication to supporting lifelong learning to ensure that Singapore will continue to educate and train the workforce of the future.  131 popularnews - 7 

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