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      台湾宜兰: 太平山芬多精之旅 Enjoy the embrace of nature at Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area. 走一趟太平山国家森林游乐区, 徜徉在大自然的怀抱,让人心旷神怡。 Located in the north-eastern Taiwanese county of Yilan, Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area boasts stunning vistas like a sea of clouds, snowscape, waterfalls and lakes, and is also home to hot springs. The clean air there is full of phytoncides, the airborne chemical compounds that plants give off to protect themselves from insects, are reportedly beneficial to our immune system too. Terminal Station of the Bong-Bong Train The Bong-Bong Train, which has resumed service recently, was instrumental to my travel plans. As there are only nine daily trips, the tickets can be sold out as early as 10am. The 10-minute ride brings visitors on railway tracks that were previously used for transporting lumber. Spread all over the mountains, these tracks evoke nostalgic feelings for the distant past, yet project a sense of cosiness as the train travels through the breathtaking scenery. The driver got off after the train pulled up at the terminal station, Maosing Station, and used a long bamboo pole to push the locomotive around on the turntable. I was amazed that the whole process was done with no automation. After getting off the train, a tour guide explained the history of the Maosing Reminiscent Trail, which comprises an upper loop, a lower loop and the main line. As the train departs 90 minutes later, you can choose a trail based on your fitness level. My friend and I decided to put our hiking skills to the test! Along the trail, we came across a black substance on the cypress trees. It was the so-called essential oil, and we could smell its rich fragrance when we moved closer. With each step of the trail, we learnt more and more of nature’s mysteries. Hiking deeper into this alluring forest, we began slowing our pace unconsciously as we savoured the quaintness of the natural environment around us. The occasional chirping from the birds and insects was a refreshing reminder for us to take deep breaths and feel the forest’s positive energy, providing relief from our restlessness. One of the World’s Most Beautiful Trails Although less than one kilometre long, the Jancing Historic Trail was voted one of the 28 most beautiful trails in the world. How did this trail get its name? Taipingshan is often shrouded in fog and thick clouds in the afternoon, and on many occasions, through the entire day. As visitors crave to see clear sky, this area became By Lihui Wang (Taiwan) 文:王丽惠(台湾)  Source / 图片来源: 131 popularnews - 39 

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