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      By Wong Sim Mei (Malaysia) 文:黄心美(马来西亚)  Ichanced upon the small town of Kuala Penyu during an unplanned road trip in the final year of my studies in the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah. Most of its residents are Kadasan, an ethnic group indigenous to Sabah, and the town mainly relies on agriculture, fishing and tourism. 毕业那年,我前往东马沙巴州展开 一趟随性的公路之旅,有幸邂逅 了瓜拉班尤小镇。镇民多是沙巴州原住 民卡达山族,主要以农业、渔业和旅游 业维生。 The old jetty in Kuala Penyu I came across an old man carrying a small bucket of fish at the old jetty in Kuala Penyu. It was the big smile on his face that had attracted my attention. This old jetty does not seem to have any commercial value to the town, but I am sure it carries the joy of the local residents. I love the laidback lifestyle in this small town. In fact, I can even feel the peaceful joy in the air. There are no fast food restaurants and no shopping malls, but the people here lead leisurely and carefree lives – one that I yearn for. 瓜拉班尤的旧码头 我在瓜拉班尤的旧码头偶遇一位长者。 他手提一小篮鱼,脸上灿烂的笑容引起 我的注意。我极爱小镇悠闲的生活步 调,仿佛能感受到空气中祥和喜悦的氛 围。这里没有快餐店、购物商场,但镇 民却过着逍遥自在的生活,羡煞旁人! 瓜拉班尤:婆罗洲隐匿宝地  A Popular Malaysia staff shows us that life can spring up a picturesque surprise when you least expected it. 马来西亚大众同仁的秘境之旅, 为人生带来意想不到的惊喜!   The Naga Puri Beach Retreat Located on a long stretch of pristine coastline in Kuala Penyu, the family-owned Naga Puri Beach Retreat is a 2.5-hour drive south of Kota Kinabalu. The private retreat is a picturesque paradise, where you can just sit back and enjoy nature and the lovely views. 纳加普里海滩休闲酒店 纳加普里海滩休闲酒店坐落在 瓜拉班尤一段自然狭长的海岸 线。从亚庇往南开车约两个半 小时,就能抵达这家由家族 经营的酒店。这座私人度 假村犹如世外桃源,游客 可以在此悠闲地浏览如 画的自然景致。 131 popularnews - 37 

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