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EDITOR’S NOTE “教科书的寿命很短,不是传世之作,但它却是教育儿童的入门书。” Dear POPULAR family members, The year of 2020 seemed to have passed by in a blur as the world went through unprecedented lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That fight is not over yet, as many countries are experiencing a possible resurgence of infections. Our children’s education came under the spotlight as students have been forced to learn remotely as schools closed. Though modern education has evolved from physical textbooks to incorporate online learning, the importance of the former in helping our children acquire knowledge cannot be overemphasised. Join us on a journey to rediscover POPULAR’s 95-year legacy in educational publishing that has benefitted tens of thousands of students (p.12). In this issue’s “Special Feature”, we take a look at the ITE-POPULAR Bookshop. Located in ITE College Central, this small but important bookshop reflects POPULAR’s commitment to keeping in step with the learning journey of society, whilst also meeting the shopping needs of the community (p.4). We then head across the Causeway to Mid Valley Southkey, the largest integrated shopping centre in Johor Bahru, to celebrate the opening of POPULAR’s 96th store in Malaysia. Also the largest outlet in Malaysia at a spacious 29,000 square feet, find out why the POPULAR Mid Valley Southkey outlet is so much more than just another bookstore (p.10). It is with a heavy heart that we dedicate this issue’s “Popular Personality” to the late Christine Chiang, Popular Singapore’s Senior Director of IT & Business. Christine accomplished much in her 18-year career at POPULAR, but equally important, she had also touched the lives of countless members of the POPULAR family with whom she had worked. Join us as we pay tribute to the capable and committed leader who was full of tenacity and determination in life, even when she was confronting the most challenging time in her life (p.24). 亲爱的大众家庭成员们: Textbooks have a short lifespan; they are not handed down through the generations,  and yet are vital introductory texts in children’s education.  — Mr Chou Sing Chu, Founder of POPULAR 在冠病疫情的笼罩下,全球多地推出前所未有的封锁隔离措 施,我们的2020年也悄无声息地结束了。然而,随着多国继 续面临疫情反弹的威胁,这场战役未能划下句点。 面对疫情冲击,孩子的教育成为大家关注的焦点。学校 被迫关闭,学生的课程也转移到网上进行。虽然网络学习已 逐渐成为教学的一部分,但从实体课本习得知识的方式仍无 可取代。与我们一同重温大众在95年的历史中,如何通过教 育出版造福莘莘学子(页12)。 本期“与众不同”栏目,我们聚焦大众书局工教院的发 展。坐落于新加坡工艺教育中区学院的大众书局五脏俱全, 反映了大众与时并进的教育理念,也满足了邻里社区的购物 需求(页4)。 紧接着,让我们越过新柔长堤,直达新山谷中城购物商 城,为全马第96家大众门市的开幕志庆。谷中城旗舰店设于 这座新山最大的购物商城内,占地2万9000平方英尺,是全 马最大的大众门市。让我们一起来瞧瞧这家谷中城大众旗舰 店与一般书局有何不同(页10)! 本期我们一起悼念新加坡大众同事蒋美金女士。生前 为新加坡大众资讯科技与业务部高级总监的美金,在大众 服务18年成就非凡,是一位敬业乐业的杰出领袖。她的风 采感染了众多与她共事的大众同仁。即使在为生命奋斗的 艰难时刻,美金依然展示坚韧顽强的斗志,谨与我们齐向 美金致敬(页24)。 — 大众创办人周星衢先生  The Editorial Team 编辑室 One family, one vision. 大众一家,众人一心  Head office: POPULAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360. Homepage:  

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