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    POPULAR’s Century in Educational POPULAR remains dedicated to promoting education as we celebrate our 95 years of legacy in 大众集团的教育出版事业历经95年光景,至今仍不懈耕耘,坚守推广教育的使命。 As a pioneer in the region’s educational publishing, POPULAR has become a well-known book industry giant that has benefitted tens of thousands of students. Going back some 95 years to 1926, POPULAR’s history of educational publishing can be broadly divided into five stages, corresponding to each of the sections in this article. Publishing Chinese textbooks was the primary business for POPULAR for almost half of this history, with many published by the four predecessor companies under the World Book Company umbrella: Chung Hing Publishing Company (Chung Hing), World Publishing Company (World Book Company), United Publishing House (UPH), and Educational Suppliers Limited. These four publishing houses produced textbooks for nearly half a century from the 1930s up to the 1980s, setting a milestone for POPULAR’s publishing business and writing a key chapter in the history of Chinese textbook publishing in Singapore. 12 - popularnews 131 By Kuay Ying Xuan 文:郭颖轩 

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