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      By Christina Leong Foong See (Malaysia) 文:梁凤诗(马来西亚) The BIGGEST Store Takes Charge   旗舰店 POPULAR’s largest bookstore in Malaysia is leading the charge in the post-pandemic world! 大众在马来西亚的最大旗舰店重振旗鼓, 在后疫情时代续领潮流。 展实力 City Square. Today, there are 13 POPULAR outlets in JB with a combined retail space of 164,000 square feet. They include the two megastores at Jusco Tebrau City at 27,000 square feet, and Mid Valley Southkey at 29,000 square feet. The new POPULAR Mid Valley Southkey outlet is not simply another bookstore. Its décor incorporates triangular design elements in contrasting black and white that combine with the innovative store design, a “store with a store” layout, to project a modern and dynamic ambience. One that also provides a relaxing environment for our customers to immerse themselves in the wide genres of books available. There is even a “Fantasy and Wishing Tunnel” within the store that creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere for our younger customers as they browse through our comprehensive cartoon-themed merchandise. The Mid Valley Southkey is reportedly the largest integrated shopping centre in Johor Bahru (JB), the capital of the Malaysian state of Johor and the location of POPULAR’s 96th store, the largest POPULAR outlet in Malaysia at a spacious 29,000 square feet. A State with Two Megastores POPULAR’s remarkable journey into the Malaysian state with the second highest population began back in 1996, when a 30,000-square-foot book fair was held at Stadium Terutup Bandaraya in JB. The success of the 11-day book fair led Popular Malaysia to donate RM100,000 to Foon Yew High School to signal our support for reading and education in Malaysia. The first JB POPULAR outlet was opened at Pacific Mall in the following year, and the second, a 16,000-square-foot outlet, was opened in 1999 at Johor Bahru 10 - popularnews 131 

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