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   SMU – POPULAR Retail Research Lab is both a laboratory and a physical retail platform to research on retail
management concepts and a place for students to test on first-hand Retail Experiments on campus. Jointly launched by Singapore Management University (SMU) and POPULAR, it is part of the SMU community to nurture young minds who want to specialise in retail and services management.
POPULAR is known as a one- stop shopping destination built on our comprehensive selection of learning materials that cater to students of all levels of learning. Promoting lifelong learning has always been POPULAR’s commitment, but going at it alone as a retail business has its limits. Therefore, POPULAR decided to break the mould and work with an institution of
higher learning. And not just any institution either, but a premier university in Asia that is internationally recognised for its world- class research and distinguished teaching.
A Campus Store with A Mission
Nestled in the heart of downtown Singapore, SMU is the island nation’s third autonomous university. This is also the location where POPULAR explored forging a long-term collaboration with the renowned educational institution. In October 2017, POPULAR teamed up with SMU’s Retail Centre of Excellence (RCoE), Singapore’s first retail knowledge sharing hub, alongside several other well-known local and international brands to offer our retail know-how to inspire the discovery of new retail innovation. The SMU–POPULAR Retail Research Laboratory was established within
SMU in partnership with RCoE to provide the SMU community with the platform for retail research and learning focusing on retail management, with the objective of grooming students who want to specialise in retail and services management.
Measuring 2,000 square feet, the SMU–POPULAR Retail Research Laboratory is located in an area of the SMU campus with high footfall, in close proximity to key heritage and tourist destinations in downtown Singapore, as well as to the Bras Basah station of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit network. The store was recently refurbished to give it a fresh look, inspired by the students’ research findings and the image of a typical spacious French boulevard that will offer clarity and visibility to all products. Complementing the new store layout is the selection of merchandise
Small Store, Big Vision
The Great Retail Experiential Learning
The SMU–POPULAR Retail Research Laboratory is the cradle of new ideas and perspectives to bring POPULAR into the future.
新大—大众零售实验室孵育新点子、新视角, 引领大众迈向永续未来。
By Tan Yuxian (Singapore) 文:陈于仙(新加坡)
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