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Chef Zubaidah is a familiar name hopes to share her culinary passion and the best dishes must not only look good,
in Malaysia’s culinary and pastry-
making world. With close to 20 years of cooking and pastry-making experience under her belt, Chef Zubaidah has also published 12 recipe books, which include popular titles such as 101 Resipi Kudapan, Jamuan Biskut, 40 Jenis Kek Stim, and Aneka Biskut Raya.
Spreading the Knowledge of Cooking Good Food
Chef Zubaidah, whose full name is Zubaidah binti Che Pa, is currently preparing to launch a raya cookies class tour series across the entire Peninsular Malaysia. She
vast experience through these classes, while imparting the simple and easy ways of making raya cookies to the locals.
Prior to the raya cookies class tour, Chef Zubaidah has already gained a big following to her cooking and pastry-making courses conducted every weekend. The Taiping- born chef counts many VIPs, organisations and clubs among her clientele.
Most of the recipes are Chef Zubaidah’s own creations. Besides having a knack for creating recipes that are both simple and delicious, she enjoys trying to produce new recipes that are suited to the taste of the Malaysian society. To Chef Zubaidah,
they must also be delectable and enjoyable when eaten.
Spreading the Knowledge Through the Generations
Nuradilah binti Mohd Azman, Chef Zubaidha’s eldest daughter, also shares her mother’s passion in cooking and making pastries. In fact, Nuradilah has become Chef Zubaidah’s assistant in all matters related to her classes and the production of her recipe books. Chef Zubaidah is proud that her daughter has chosen to follow in her footsteps and has always encouraged her to pursue her dreams.
One of Chef Zubaidah’s biggest hopes in publishing recipe books is to help housewives generate income by cooking at home. As the recipes in her recipe books are simple and easy to follow, they are also suitable for those who are new to cooking. Chef Zubaidah strongly believes that nothing is impossible if we try.
(Translated by Iman)
朱拜达是马来西亚厨艺界家喻户晓 的人物。她不但在烹饪与糕点制 作方面拥有近20年的丰富经验,也出版
了12本食谱,包括畅销食谱《101种零 食 食 谱 》、《 饼 的 盛 宴 》、《 4 0 种 蒸 糕 》 和《开斋饼汇》。
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