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     The Taste of Malaysia
Kafe makan time 2.0: 大马好滋味
By Carine Sow Kee Lian (Malaysia) 文:苏祺然(马来西亚)
  Visit this paradise in the middle of a bustling city to taste the unique flavours of Malaysian cuisine!
寻访闹市里的世外桃源,品尝 马来西亚美食的独特风味!
 Idrove into a ring-shaped industrial area in Petaling Jaya on a Saturday morning. Just like the warm rising sun, I was filled with
anticipation. Turning into the inner ring, the surroundings became quiet. I stopped at a building that had plenty of greenery planted at the front, making it look surreal against the backdrop of a bustling city. That was my first impression of “Kafe makan time 2.0”, a restaurant run by a Chinese couple that fuses culinary flavours from all over Malaysia.
Inside, a pastry display from the old days showcased the freshly made pastries and dishes like Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam. I always order the Kuih Talam. This
Nyonya snack made with pandan leaves and coconut milk melts in the mouth immediately, leaving you wanting for more. The substantial feel of the kuih did not feel too sticky, making its taste unforgettable and popular with the customers.
Nasi Lemak (literally meaning fragrant rice) is another dish that the restaurant is known for. Two types of sambal chilli – anchovies and shrimp – were offered with the dish, and I picked the former. The owners added a variety of spices, including mint leaves and lemongrass, to enhance the dish’s flavours further, making it more appetising.
This restaurant has never failed to surprise me, always maintaining a high standard in all their dishes. The customers can definitely feel the owners’ passion and dedication in their food. Furthermore, the friendly service staff will always make customers feel like they are dining comfortably as part of a large family.
Do not miss the Ipoh coffee when you are there! The unique collection of Malaysian pastries and food here, when accompanied by the fragrant coffee, is sure to leave you with a full belly amidst a sense of culinary bliss.
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
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