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   By Teoh Sze Ying (Malaysia) 文:张诗颖(马来西亚)
The French box office hit The Intouchables is a moving film that delivers both laughs and tears.
法国卖座电影《触不可及》 让观众笑中带泪,触动人心。
Directed by Olivier Nakace and Éric Toledano, the French film The Intouchables is based on a true story
(the subject of the documentary film À la vie, à la mort), and was the top-grossing film in the French box office in 2011. The film tells the tale of an affluent quadriplegic who hires a young black man as his caregiver. At first, the duo are unable to adapt to each other’s presence, but gradually, they begin to understand each other and build a precious friendship.
An Unexpected Duo
After a parachuting accident leaves the wealthy Philippe paralysed from the neck down, he has little choice but to hire a full- time caregiver. Although he interviews many more professionally qualified candidates, Philippe selects Driss, who has a criminal record and only attended the interview so that he could claim unemployment benefits after rejection. Philippe’s decision surprises everyone, but he explains: “He never remembers my disability. I want someone exactly like that, someone who looks at me without pity, without special treatment or discrimination.”
Thus, Driss moves into Philippe’s mansion and begins his career as a caregiver. Driss lacks professional experience, however, leading to many humorous incidents. He mistakes the foot cream for shampoo and applies it to Philippe’s hair. He also tries pouring boiling water on Philippe’s legs to test if his employer truly has lost all sensation in his limbs. The brash Driss frequently ridicules Philippe’s clothes and hairstyle, mocking one of his exorbitantly priced painting purchases as “nosebleed on white paper”, and even forgets about Philippe’s disability, handing him the telephone directly. However, Philippe always tolerates Driss’s
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