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Special Feature 与众不同
04 Small Store, Big Vision
The Great Retail Experiential Learning 小书店的大视野 体验式学习:零售业新机遇
Editorial Committee
popularnews 127
     In the News 众点新闻 09 Reinventing A Flagship
13 The Symphony of Bliss 交响美学 点石成金
Pop Corner 众的声音
19 The POPULAR Heartbeat
20 Soaring With The Right Attitude 态度决定高度
23 My POPULAR Childhood Dream 我的“大众梦”
27 Easter Island – A Mysterious Island 智利复活节岛:探索未解之谜
30 The Idyllic Fishing Village 丹绒士拔:淳朴渔村风情
32 A Three-Dimensional Picture Book 几米公园:巨型“3D绘本”
35 Everything is Possible 《触不可及》:一切皆有可能
37 The Taste of Malaysia
Kafe makan time 2.0: 大马好滋味
39 Heavenly Butter Cookies 香脆牛油饼
Book Column 众里寻他 40 Returning to the Fields
43 Chef Zubaidah’s Journey of Knowledge 名厨朱拜达:美味的知性之旅 Kembara Ilmu Cef Zubaidah
46 Publishing Showcase 悦读大众
    25 Cherishing Times 莫负时光勤学习
 Singapore / Malaysia
Lim Lee Ngoh 林利娥
Sylvia Ng 吴秋莲 (Singapore) Wong Seok Fone 黄淑芳 (Malaysia)
Greater China / Canada
Ponch Poon 潘志伟
Natalie Kwan 关永媚 (Hong Kong) Flora Feng 冯伟 (Beijing)
Mandy Lai 黎婉琪 (Canada)
Gina Chen 陈雅琪 (Taiwan)
 POPULAR News is a publication for the management and staff of POPULAR. Its objective is to be the official communications medium for the POPULAR family. All feedback from POPULAR staff is welcome. Editorial office reserves the right to make amendments prior to publication.

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